Email Setup

Email Setup

Setting up Outlook 2010
Setting up Outlook 2007
Setting up Outlook 2002/2003
Setting up Outlook 98/2000 or Outlook Express
Setting up Outlook Express for IMAP Accounts
Setting up Outlook 97
Setting up Mozilla Thunderbird
Setting up Apple Mail
Setting up Gmail

Setting up Netscape 7
Setting up Netscape 4.0x
Setting up Netscape 2.0 or 3.0
Setting up Pegasus Mail 3.12c
Setting up Eudora Light 3.0

You can check mail from anywhere in the world.

You can have as many email boxes as you like.
Email boxes are $3/ea per month.
High capacity mailboxes start at $4.95/ea per month.

If you already know how to setup email, then you probably just want the mail server names.

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