Apple Mail

Apple Mail Setup

  1. Start Apple Mail.
  2. Choose File > Add Account. Enter your full name, which will be displayed in outgoing messages. Enter an email address, which will be used in the From field when you send messages. Mail will step you through the rest of the process and provide information automatically wherever possible. If you prefer to provide all the information manually, deselect the “Automatically set up account” checkbox.
  3. Enter the name of the incoming mail server, such as, where your messages wait for you to retrieve them, and your user name and password for the mail server. The account type should be POP.
  4. If prompted, enter information about the incoming security. Do not tick the box to use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  5. Enter your outgoing mail server. The outgoing server (also known as an SMTP server) sends your messages to their destination.
  6. To require authentication before sending messages, enter a user name and password. If prompted, enter information about the outgoing security. Do not select the SSL checkbox.
  7. Review the account summary and click Create.

You can find an email cheat sheet at

For step-by-step screenshots, please see NETFAQs.

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