Billing Policy


  1. Fees
  2. Acceptable Payment Forms
  3. Service Agreement Terms
  4. Your Start Date
  5. Cancelling
  6. Refunds
  7. Auto-Billing
  8. Dialup Account Restrictions
  9. Receipts
  10. Reading Your Bill–Basic Bills
  11. Mailing Address
  12. What Happens If You Pay Late
  13. Returned Checks
  14. Declined Credit Cards
  15. Reactivating Your Account
  16. Referral Credits
  17. Changing Usernames
  18. Changing Billing Period
  19. Advance Payments (pre-payments)


For a complete description of American Network Expert’ products, services, and pricing, please see the Products / Services area of the website

Acceptable Payment Forms

  • American Network Expert, LLC accepts personal and corporate checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Our mailing address is:American Network Expert, LLC
    239 New Road
    Building C, Suite 301
    Parsippany, NJ 07054
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express for automatic credit card payments.
  • American Network Expert, LLC accepts payments in person, cash, check, or credit card at its Parsippany, NJ location 9am-6pm Monday through Friday.
  • To open an account, we require either a credit card, a check to pre-pay 3 months payment, or walk-in pay by cash.

Service Agreement

Becoming a customer of American Network Expert implies you agree to all of the following terms:

  1. The customer’s right to use American Network Expert is not transferable, unless expressly permitted by American Network Expert employees. The customer will pay for all costs associated with the use of his or her account(s), whether authorized or not. Customers explicitly are not permitted to set up Internet hosts or daemons on their computer(s) through their accounts.
  2. The customer agrees to indemnify American Network Expert against liability for all use of the customer’s account(s).
  3. The customer is responsible for providing any and all equipment and services needed to access the American Network Expert system.
  4. The customer agrees to pay all subscription fees, service fees, or merchandise purchases according to the payment method and rates selected by the customer. American Network Expert has the right to instantly cancel all unpaid or not fully paid subscriptions. Any remaining unpaid subscription dues will be billed to the customer including extra fees for bounced checks or account reactivations. Bills unpaid more than 15 days may be sent to a third party for collection and may incur a collection fee.
  5. Payments to American Network Expert are non-refundable. No refunds shall be given for cancelled accounts, returned merchandise, or SLIP/PPP installations unless the account, merchandise, or installation was clearly defective and non-working. Your initial period should be used to explore our services and decide whether an Internet account with us is worth pursuing. Cancellations of accounts can be made by any form of ‘WRITTEN NOTICE’ such as email, post mail, or fax and shall terminate at the end of the account period (not the day of cancellation). American Network Expert will forward email or fax to customers the cancellation form. The customer should fill out the form and email or fax back to American Network Expert to enable the cancellation procedure.
  6. American Network Expert will attempt to maintain 99% uptime. Unscheduled shutdowns may occur without warning. We will attempt to inform each customer of planned shutdowns. The customer waives all liability regarding damages involved from shutdowns or loss of materials that might occur in our normal operations. We strongly recommend customers to regularly backup or download important information stored with us.
  7. Business or group customers agree to waive liability against American Network Expert and employees relating to illegal user/employee activity on an account.
  8. In the event of account termination for any reason, the customer agrees not to hold American Network Expert liable for any damages or inconvenience associated with American Network Expert’ deletion of the account.
  9. The customer or user agrees to all the Operating Rules.
  10. American Network Expert reserves the right to modify or add Service Terms by giving two weeks notice on the system and by sending electronic mail to all customers.
  11. American Network Expert reserves the right to modify, add, or remove all services and features of the system at any time. Current customers will receive adequate notice of such changes.
  12. Untimed account holders are not permitted to share or otherwise let others use their accounts in any way. An untimed dialup, Plug ‘n Play, or SLIP/PPP account is not a dedicated account and shall not be configured to become or otherwise act in any way like a dedicated account. Customers are instructed to disconnect from the Internet when not actively using it for more than 15 minutes at any time. Interpretation of this service agreement is at the sole discretion of American Network Expert employees.
  13. This agreement contains the full understanding of the properties with respect to the subject matter within.
  14. Infractions of the Service Agreement or Operational Rules by customers can result in immediate termination of accounts without reimbursement. American Network Expert may be able to make exceptions in the case of individual abusive users of business accounts. This decision is left entirely to the discretion of American Network Expert employees.

Your Start Date


If you ordered our software package, your billing start date is three days from the day we shipped your package. The start date remains the same whether or not you use or install it after you receive it.

If you are using another software package, your billing start date is the same day when signing up on the bulletin board, signing up on the American Network Expert on line web page, or faxing your order.

If you walk-in to pick up your software, your billing start date will be that day.


The billing start date for all Web Hosting accounts is when the directory and webmaster login for the account are established, or the domain DNS setup is completed, which ever is longer. The process normally takes approximately 2 days from the day the service was ordered.


The installation fee and first month’s connection fee will be billed on the date the installation of the connection is completed. On average, installations are completed within 30 days of the order being placed.

Cancelling Your Account



You can:

  • FAX (973) 227-8630. To ensure the request is handled promptly, be sure to include your real name, username and the domain name if it’s applicable on the request.
  • Mark CANCEL on your next bill and return it.
  • Send a letter to American Network Expert, LLC, 239 New Road, Building C, Suite 301, Parsippany, NJ 07054, or send an email to Be sure to include your real name, username and domain name.

There are NO REFUNDS for service. Your current account period will continue, but we will cease billing and charging you for future periods. If you would like to know your discontinuation date, please state so when cancelling. Billing will notify you of this information by email only.


If you have selected to be billed monthly, we will cancel your account the day we receive notice, and any remaining free time in your five-hour period will be forfeited. Any usage in excess of five hours prior to cancellation will be billed to you.


American Network Expert does not provide refunds of any sort for any reason.


Our most popular form of payment is direct credit card debiting. Every month or quarter on or about your start date’s day of the month, we will automatically charge your card without sending a bill. This method of payment is very convenient and has the least risk of your account being accidentally shut off for late payments. Dialup customers who pay by credit card annually also receive reduced rates.

Generally, if your card expires, we will try the same card with a later year. If your card has been declined, we will notify you by phone or by email. If we do not receive a response after 2 email notices, the account will be suspended until a new card number is given or a check payment is made.

Many Corporate American Express cards do not accept phone orders for payment. We cannot process these cards and are thus unacceptable forms of payment.

American Network Expert currently does not provide any receipts or statements for credit card charges. If you require receipts or statements, you will need to change your billing method to paying by check quarterly.

Dialup Account Restrictions

American Network Expert prohibits the sharing of dialup accounts with other individuals. When we detect a double logon, we may terminate the account immediately without refund.

American Network Expert also requires that you disconnect from the service when not personally using it. A dialup account is not to be used as a dedicated connection or to set up servers for others on the Internet to access.


American Network Expert is presently able to provide receipts and detailed billing statements ONLY for customers who pay by check. Receipts and detailed billing are not available for credit card customers — if you are a credit card customer, your bank statement or credit card bill will serve as your receipt.

Reading Your Bill

Users who pay by quarterly check will receive a periodic Customer Bill, similar to a credit card statement. Please send a check to: American Network Expert, LLC, 239 New Road, Building C, Suite 301, Parsippany, NJ 07054.

The description contains the type of account, billing period and relative start date. Start dates vary based upon when your account was originally established.

Businesses paying by check will receive invoices for their various services every three months. Payments should be submitted with a copy of the invoice in the envelope. Please include the invoice numbers being paid if you do not include the actual invoices with your payment.

In addition to invoices, businesses may also request a statement each month summarizing total billing activity. Please contact the Billing department at (973)227-8610 ext. 11, or email if you would like a statement.

Please send any other questions regarding your bill to .

Office & Mailing Addresses

Payments in person can be made at our main office at:

239 New Road, Building C, Suite 301, Parsippany, NJ 07054

Normal check payments should be made to:

American Network Expert, LLC,

239 New Road, Building C, Suite 301, Parsippany, NJ 07054

Please make checks payable to:

American Network Expert, LLC

What Happens If You Pay Late

Billing costs and management represent a significant operating expense for American Network Expert. In order to keep billing costs low, we operate our billing and credit under very strict terms and penalties.

In general, American Network Expert will attempt to notify you via email that your account is past due, or your credit card was declined. However, during that time you risk your account being suspended. If this happens, we will bill you $10 to reactivate your account to cover the large administrative expenses of this deactivation/reactivation process.

If you are paying late and you wish the payment method to pay by credit card for one period only, we will charge you a $5 processing fee due to the significant complications and costs of doing mixed billing on your account.

Customers who pay late will very likely lose access for those days. We do not make exceptions for this. If you mailed a check late and found your account suspended, you must provide a credit card for instant reactivation. The check we receive will serve as a credit towards the following period. Communications that ‘the check is in the mail’ will be ignored.

Unpaid accounts during your first period will likely result in account termination. Unpaid accounts during later periods will likely result in account suspension. Termination results in completely deleting your record. Your username and email will be lost. Suspension generally lasts a month or so until the system administrators ‘clean up’ these accounts, meaning termination. There is no set period for such maintenance.

To reactivate a terminated account, you need to pay the $15 re-activation Fee.

Customers who reactivate suspended accounts will ultimately pay for the period the account was suspended up to 30 days, even though you weren’t able to access the account as an additional penalty for paying late. Suspended accounts may take up to a full day to reactivate.

As a policy, American Network Expert does not suspend accounts on Friday, giving you time before the weekend to make an emergency payment.

Customers who repeatedly pay late will be required to pay by credit card for future payments. American Network Expert reserves the right to refuse service to customers who continually have payment problems.

Customers who fail to pay for services rendered will be referred to a collection agency.

Returned Checks

Returned checks will result in instant account termination. To reactivate, you will incur an additional $20 setup fee to cover the bounced check costs. We may also require that you pay by credit card for future payments.

American Network Expert will NOT call and notify you of bounced checks.

Declined Credit Cards

American Network Expert receives a variety of card authorization refusals. Most of the time we avoid card expiration date problems. If you believe your credit card is out of date, feel free to email with the new expiration date.

American Network Expert will make two attempts by email to warn you about declined or cancelled cards. There is generally a 1-4 day window for you to call and provide a new credit card before your account is suspended.

Messages to collect the card will result in immediate account termination.

Reactivating Your Account

American Network Expert incurs significant costs for deactivating and reactivating accounts. Paying late or with bad credit cards costs us in a large variety of ways.

If your account has been suspended, you can call Billing at 973-227-8610 ext. 11 between 9AM – 6PM Monday through Friday to provide credit card information. Unless told otherwise, your credit card will be automatically billed after that point and we will not accept check payments from you in the future.

If your account has been terminated, you must reapply for your account as you did originally.

If your account has been suspended, you will incur a $10 reactivation fee. If you normally pay by check, but wish to pay by credit card for one payment for more immediate reactivation, you will incur an additional $5 fee.

Generally, American Network Expert customer support will inform you whether the account has been suspended or terminated. Sales and billing will be able to determine this as well.

Referral Credits

American Network Expert customers can earn free service for themselves by referring new dialup subscribers.

If a new customer mentions your name or username when signing up, we will credit your account 10% of the new customer’s payment after that person has been a customer for a month. Thus, it takes 1-2 months for the credit to be processed.

Businesses/organizations with existing accounts cannot claim referral credits for bringing additional users from the same company online. A single user who refers a number of business accounts can claim only one referral credit for that group of accounts. A business is considered ‘one customer’ regardless of how many accounts or users it has.

The American Network Expert referral policy has some important requirements that you should be aware of:

  • Many customers sign up without mentioning your name. In this case, we will NOT provide you the credit. It is also NOT recommended you sign up for another person, but rather assist him or her in the process.

Changing Usernames

Your account status is based on your username. For security concerns, you need to provide the written notice to rename your user name or reset password.

Customers may contact technical support at (973)227-8610 or email to to change usernames or password.

Changing Billing Period

Customers may change their future billing period and payment options at any time. However, you cannot change your current period’s billing option. For example:

If you pay quarterly and wish to change to monthly, you will finish out your current quarter at that quarterly rate. Following periods will then be billed at the monthly rate.


Customers may not send in advanced payments to lock in prices. If you pay more than is required for the current period, additional money will serve as credit towards future bills. We will not refund advance payments.

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